"How is your Merenity today?"

The state of being calm and peaceful is called serenity and MERENITY, which means “MERE sereNITY, is extracted from that very word to bring out a meaningful communication pattern and share with each other, either publicly (on social media) or privately (btw two people). The purpose of Merenity is to become a new social norm of communication on daily basis.

Merenity provides you an opportunity to live in the present, not to fall back on downfalls and worry about the future. No circumstances should control your serenity, and despite the negative things in your life, you can always find a minute to challenge yourself to do Merenity. You’d ask “Why would I do that”, and the answer is “Why not? You live Today only once”.

Because of Merenity’s unique structure of 3 questions, it will turn out to be the best way to shift the conversations we have with each other and create deep connections that will open doors to various opportunities.

“Today I’m grateful that (someone did smth for me) …” is about the Past of your Today – who made your day in the past 24 hours?

“Today I’m happy because (I did smth)…” is about the present of your Today – what is making you happy now?

“Today I want to (do smth)…” is about the future of your Today – what do you want to accomplish within the next 24 hours?

Imagine having 365 posts per year about how great each day was, regardless the circumstances that you are in?!

When you answer/post once a day and challenge one person per day, it gives a meaningful outcome, as you select the most important things to share.

Our goal is to spread the concept and make it a social norm. The future holds a potential of having a phone app and a functional website to contain the responses and keep positive memories forever. But to do that, we need to validate the concept with people/users, by enrolling them into the “Hi! How is your Merenity?” conversations! Help us out here!

Sincerely yours,