About Merenity

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Language concept to transform communication & share with others 

by changing your conversation opening to "How is your Merenity today?"

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75 year Harvard study, the longest study of the adult life ever done, proved that good relationships make us happier and healthier.


Do we maintain good relationships every day by having positive meaningful conversations with each other? “Hi! How are you?” lost its meaning, so what’s next?

What if we could say “Hi! How is your Merenity?”

Merenity, which means “Mere serenity”, is a concept of communication and a challenge for each of us to do daily. If all of us will start using this concept once a day for talking with each other, we can make “How is your Merenity?” a new social norm.

It can transform online&offline interactions and make them truly meaningful!


     Answer these 3 question-statements about the 24 hours of your day and ask one person to do the same:

    “Today I’m grateful that (someone did something for me that made my day)…

     Today I’m happy because (I did something positive that’s making me happy now)….

Today I want to (do something that will make my day) …

     I challenge (one person) to do #Merenity”

By answering the 3 questions you think of the Past, the Present and the Future of Today, being in the present, living in the now, despite the circumstances. You might have failed an exam, was fired from work, diagnosed with cancer, hit by a car, lost a significant one, but with Merenity you can look at the “glass half-full”, regardless the situation in life. Would it make a difference?


Share with the person you challenge your Merenity, and ask him/her to accept the challenge and answer the 3 questions, regardless the circumstances. 

Get involved on social media to promote the meaningful communication and post your responses on Instagram and/or Facebook #Merenity. 

It’s not easy to answer these questions every day and ask someone to do it. But when “How is your Merenity?’ phrase will become a social norm of communication, it will make a difference in everyone’s lives!


Stay true to yourself and to the person you challenge. 

Do you actually care about his/her day? If so, hold him/her accountable for accepting the challenge, because  you are committed to the meaningful conversation. Accept challenges, if you don’t then you are missing out on discovering yourself and your friends.

Try to do this every day and in a year you will show 365 people that you can relate to and get to know on a different level. 


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